Monday, June 10, 2013

We got a price!!! Are you sold?

  It seems the most buzzing news I found today as far as gaming goes was the price of the Xbox One at $499.  That's not as bad as I was thinking, but not enough to get me to think about buying one either.  Sony still has to let us know their PS4 price to see who is really looking to get their consoles in our homes this coming holiday season.

Is this number right?
   I know I've already decided on what I am doing for the upcoming consoles and I don't think prices and games are going to have me very excited for anything else.  In fact, I am more excited to finish the games I have and some that are out now I won't be able to get to right away.  Last of Us is on my radar and I think I am going to want to play Watch Dogs as well, both of which are available for consoles I already own.  Graphics and game play are really good right now so I don't know how much better they will be with newer consoles. I think it is safer to wait and see which one's will over heat, who will get the better exclusives and so on.  I was a Sony fanboy for the PS2, I have more Xbox 360 games than I do PS3 games so I guess I'm an Xbox fan for the current generation but this next group of consoles will probably take me some time figure out.  I have grown more patient in my older age, I only got the PS3 last fall and the Xbox 360 I got almost a year after it came out.  I'll most likely do the same and keep enjoying what I have now, and the ones I want will be more affordable while I wait.  Has anybody played Last of Us yet?  I feel I shouldn't wait for that one but I'm working on Assassins Creed III and LA Noire until I start classes again.

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