Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some new Martial Arts films coming our way.

I'm looking forward to some new martial arts flicks in the theater
 If any film genre has been neglected lately in my opinion it is the Martial Arts genre.  I know it was it's biggest in the 70's and 80's but you really don't see them released as often as back then.  I never saw the RZA's film The Man with the Iron Fists but I always appreciate when Hollywood releases a new film that can fit that genre.  I also like that they have been more open to releasing some from over seas when they are epic enough such as Jet Li's Hero.

     When they put their money and talent into something for that genre I always appreciate the effort even though the films may suck.  That being said, I've been keeping an eye on two films being released soon that fit the bill.  Only God Forgives stars Ryan Gosling and pairs him with Drive director again who wrote the film, it looks like a gritty revenge film that takes place in Bangkok.  Revenge is always an awesome ingredient in martial arts flicks, it has Gosling's character seeking revenge for his brothers death. The bad guys use a Thai boxing club as a front and I hope we get some good fight scenes out of it, if not given where the story is coming from it probably will be gory.

     Man of Tai Chi is another film I'm looking forward to and it stars Tiger Hun Chen , a stunt performer on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix sequels ,as a deadly fighter who catches the eyes of a fight promoter played by Keanu Reeves, who makes his living in the dangerous world of underground Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournaments.  Keanu Reeves is the bad guy so if you love to hate him than it may help his performance be accepted in this.  I don't hate him but his acting is very dry in my opinion.  His role is secondary because he also directs this one and that has me worried as I don't know if he's done anything else in the directors chair.  We'll have to see how he does when it comes out.

    Both films are due out in July, probably limited release but we'll have to check the local small theaters if they can't get past the big marketing for all the blockbusters out this summer. I'll definitely be putting up a review if I catch either.

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