Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Last Stand :Review (rent it with your Dad this weekend)

     In most of my movie going adolescence most summer block busters were featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator, Commando, The Terminator and  the Conan the Barbarian films to name a few.  Then he got old, became a politician for a little while and I guess now that he's done with that he's coming back to film.  I welcome the come back especially after watching The Last Stand, released on home video.

    I saw trailers for this in the winter and was thinking it would be hard to convince people to see this in the theater with me, so it seems the studios didn't want to make that gamble either this summer with all the huge films due out. Smart move, while Schwarzenegger does not disappoint playing an over the hill sheriff heading off bad guys that are cutting through his town to get to Mexico, the bad guy and his whole scenario are a little too unbelievable.  The scenario being some fancy pants Cartel guy got a hold of a really really fast car that the feds  can't seem to keep up with. That's kind of weak, but the action is still good and classic Arnold with some adjustments for his oldness.  Starring along with Schwarzenegger is Johnny Knoxville, and Forrest Whitaker as the lead FBI guy.  There are some scenes in the film that feature some iconic objects from Schwarzenegger's film resume like the Gatling gun from Predator and the sword from Conan the Barbarian, I won't say which scenes as I think old school fans will catch them on their own.  The showdown at the end with the fancy pants cartel guy and Arnold locking horns was done well, they give Arnold's character the right tools given he's an old former strong guy that used to flex the box office every summer in the past.

    It's on home video and would be a decent rental to throw back a few brews with your Dad if he was nice enough to bring you Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in the summer when you were a kid.  It's a solid rental so if you have the time it's worth a watch.

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