Monday, June 17, 2013

V/H/S (2012)

The format is not completely dead.
     I recently wrote about anthology horror films, and how we don't see enough of them, and someone suggested I check out V/H/S.  I had been hearing a lot about it but no one mentioned that it uses the anthology story telling style format through found footage.  I have to say I don't like found footage stuff, never did, the Blair Witch Project and unstable camera work just bother me and I think it takes away from the story.  However, I tolerated it for V/H/S and was not disappointed with the way the stories were put together.

    You have to take the presentation with a grain of salt, anyone dumb enough to record themselves committing crimes to put on the web for profit would be shut down and arrested eventually.  But, this is straight to video horror so you have to over look it.  None of the characters are likable either but take comfort in knowing they're in a dangerous situation that will most likely have their bad behavior come back at them.  They break into a house to find a VHS tape that's valuable and find a dead guy watching a static screen with all these other tapes laying around, while they explore the house (since the occupant is dead there's no need to worry about cops) they watch some of the tapes. These tape are the way the stories are presented and if there was ever a way for me to accept the whole found footage thing this was it.  I will never be accepting of movies shot this way but this is the first one I was able to actually focus on without being distracted from the shaky cam.  I guess it's because it's people watching old school VHS tapes and I expect it to be that way.

    After watching this one I read up on it and found that there is a sequel out there already that seems to have better reviews than this one.  I'm not saying I loved it but it didn't suck too bad, I like seeing anthology films come out even if its straight to video.  I think when it comes to horror films it'll always be more straigh to video gems than major theatrical releases.   Nothing beats Trick R' Treat in my opinion but I do wish there were more of these. If there are any others out there circulating on home video please post in comments below.

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