Friday, May 24, 2013

Xbox One too much or too soon to tell?

     I think Microsoft's Xbox one may have overshot whatever they were going for, it's really big looking and personally I couldn't care about Kinect.  I have the add on device for my 360 but from what I read it's going to be required.  The reason I haven't used it yet is because when I come home tired from working out at my dojo or gym, I'm too tired to be moving around for my gaming.  I praise the device for getting sedentary people to move around and burn some calories but I don't have that problem.

    Gaming is my escape from the daily grind, its relaxing for me, even when I'm yelling at the bad guys on screen.  At least we see what the whole package is going to look like, Sony showed us a controller with a touch pad on it which is cool too.  I always liked the PlayStation controller layout especially for the PS2 which seems to be the model for them now.  I wonder if the actual console is bigger or smaller compared to the Xbox One?  Would it be cool if the console was the controller like the Game Stick?  Is all this console war nonsense getting to the heads of both companies that we'll all be PC, Ouya, and Game Stick owners really soon?  I think it's too soon to tell so I probably should have held back my rant about the cost.
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is next month so I'm sure we'll get enough information to sway our minds once that show ends. 

    I mentioned the Game Stick a few times for a reason, I have one coming to me soon since I am a backer on their Kickstarter campaign. A close friend of mine got an Ouya so I thought it would be cool to get the "other guy" so we could compare.  I'll put up a review once I get my GameStick Console  and try to do the best comparison I can for you so I'll keep anyone interested posted here and on the Google+ gaming community.

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