Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft and Sony laid out their cards except the one that matters

     COST!!! What's the MSRP? We know it's not going to be cheap, Sony wanted $600 for their PS3 when it came out and the Xbox 360 wasn only about 100 bucks cheaper. That's the most I have ever paid for a console and too close to the cost of rent and other things I probably need more than I need a new console. 
Get ready to break the piggy banks.
   If you go on Amazon and search for new titles for the upcoming fall you'll see PS4 price listings of $100.  Thats for a game, that you'll probably finish in 10-15 hours until they push out some DLC you'll have to pay for.  I hope enough people make known what is an acceptable price to the average gamer like myself.  Games of the current generation are already making us pinch our pennies enough with  $59.99 price tag.  I know a lot of gamers are adults with jobs and kids that they want to get games for too but we, the consumers, should dictate the cost of out little escapes from the daily grind.  Maybe its just a sing of the times and things are rough enough that wee ned fork over some extar money for better grade gaming.   On the other hand, other people will spend any amount on their kids to keep them happy.  If you can swing whatever the cost is by all means treat yourself, I just want to know if I can get down with the new hotness or will I be that guy that is really into his outdated games and console.  I'm too old for peer pressure anyway, I should hope I am at least.
 That's my two cents....and thats all I might have left after theses things go on sale.

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