Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Some viewing recommendations.

     Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer for a lot of people, but we cannot forget why we get to enjoy what we enjoy and the reason the holiday exists.  This holiday is dedicated to those who served and who continue to serve.  I think I see a lot of people forget that when they know its coming up.  Keeping that in mind some networks are making it a point to help keep what memorial day stands for in our minds.  Here is some stuff to watch.
     HBO, has a Memorial Day watch list that include films such as The Thin Red Line and Taking ChanceTaking Chance especially.  It is what made me want to write this as it was the first film that I saw when I realized they were doing this for the weekend.  It stars Kevin Bacon as a Marine assigned to bring home the body of a Marine named Chance Phelps home, to his family and final resting place after being killed while serving.  It is a really deep and moving film and if you watch anything on Memorial Day this film should be on your list even if you don't have HBO.
     AMC is doing their War Hero's Marathon and includes some really good marketing for the Wounded Warriors Projects "Drop and give them 10" campaign which donates a dollar to the project for people that do 10 push ups and share it via social media and using #GiveThem10 on twitter or their website. Since I found out about it I am going to do a max set of push ups and post it every day so that they know what they do, and what they have done does not go unnoticed. If you're not into saying a few prayers or attending a local parade these things are there to help you keep it all in our hearts and minds
     It is time to spend with family and friends though so with that being said, if you need some light hearted fun after your work out Arrested Development is back on Netflix so you can stream those episodes on 5/26 if you can't grill like I can't on the east coast since it's cold an rain here.  Good weather to do some push ups in.

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