Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Attack of the Remakes!

I have been into movies for a long time and I have a collection well over the hundreds that I actually have tried to lower the clutter of in recent years. One thing that seems to repeat itself from time to time is remakes. I may be wrong but the most re-made movie I am aware of is The Island of Dr. Moraeu, which has been made 3 times to my knowledge. It seems the horror genre is most affected by this and its starting to infect the action genre too and you have three categories of people that respond different ways to remakes of films. They are the die hards of the original, the uninformed fanboy that isn't aware of an original, and the open minded movie guy.

I think depending on the film people can vary from degrees of remake reactions and will practice all three responses. The recent Evil Dead re-make is what made me want to write about this since I absolutely love the original. I keep wanting to see this film but have yet been able to make time for it, I hear it does the original justice and I know its been given the "thumbs up" by both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell so I know I should see it soon. I think Hollywood is getting a little nuts with the horror remakes lately since I know Carrie is next so, the over kill of remakes lately is what has made me hold back from seeing it.  Are most re-makes bad?

The classics and their remakes from my collection.
I actually like some re-made films of cult classics and think they do well on their own. The two that I liked most were remakes of George Romero's Living Dead films, Night of the Living Dead(by Tom Savini) and Dawn of the Dead. With the advanced special effects I understand why horror get remade the most. I also think those movies did a good job with the story changes and, brought a lot of new fans to the genre when they came out (running zombies aside). There are films that honestly ruin an original though, and I think that view is based on how much you love an original and that topic is open for debate. I loved the two Romero films I mentioned but liked the remakes as well so I didn't get the fan boy nerd rage virus I know people can get for some films.  I'm sure this Evil Dead film is good in its own right based on what I've read but what did you all think that have seen it?  I try ot be the open minded movie guy...

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