Friday, April 19, 2013

War Games for Android (WOPR)

     If you're a child of the 80's and remember a little film called War Games then when you read the text in the image above, you read it in that creepy electronic voice from the film.  War Games was released in 1983 and starred Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy and an actor I think was in every movie at that time, Dabney Coleman.  It's probably the first movie I remember that glorified nerdy hacker teens doing stuff that they probably should not be doing.  The movie always sat well with me even if it wasn't too exciting for an eight year old kid, I never thought it would have gained a following or "cult" status after I saw it.  Little did I know, somebody made a game out of it....

See Dabney Coleman!!!
    Developed by +Be-Rad Entertainment , War Games:WOPR is a puzzle game based on the premise of the film and uses RPG elements to battle characters in the game from the film while following the same story line.  You the player, get to be WOPR the NORAD , War Operation Plan Response super computer from the film, creepy voice included. It's presentation is similar to Puzzle Quest, but the turns aren't one for one.  In this game there are a set number of turns to destroy those that are trying to shut you down.  For example, you get 5 turns before the opponent launches a missile that can pretty much injure or end you.  You have to make the right amount of moves, destroy the right tiles to survive and continue the game before Matthew Broderick and Dabney Coleman stop you.

  Tiles are eliminated by tracing your finger along the ones that can be matched for each turn, they earn you money, health, radar power ups which release a "super attack" and missile launches.   It sounds easy and the first few test/ tutorial levels are until you get past them then, it becomes very challenging and addicting.   I can't put my finger on why it's so damn addicting, its either changing the mods that are passive power ups, or the tactics you can unlock and the combinations you can use them in..   Whatever it is, I'm glad I wasn't taking any classes when I found this because I've lost a lot of sleep and time playing this. It's available on +Google Play  for $1.99.

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