Monday, June 25, 2018

Coast 2 Coast Combat Hour: Author Dave Greenberg

Dave Greenberg is an author of the self-help book, "Sit Down, Shut Up, You're Going to Win This Thing". I have had the pleasure of meeting two other authors of books related to martial arts and MMA with Jim Genia's "Raw Combat" and Duane Finley's "In the Cold Distance" but what makes Greenberg's book exciting to read is that I trained with him early in my journey with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and specifically remember him telling me he was going to write it.

Well, the book is written and I am currently reading it and even though it already is a best seller on Amazon I was excited to talk to Greenberg about the book once again to help get the word out on his story of overcoming the things he went through. Check out the whole interview here:

I will do a fair review once I am done with it but the reviews from here for MMA relates books may be a little biased since I keep getting lucky meeting talented writers in the landscape of martial arts. if you would like to grab your own copy you can buy it on Amazon now using the link below:

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