Monday, October 17, 2016

The Exorcist on Fox So Far..(Review)

How are you liking The Exorcist on Fox so far? If you have not checked it out yet, you should. The show is well written and has a good creep factor with some jump scares. These horror shows out this Fall seem to grow more in numbers every season, but can be a hard sell if you're not big on horror. Unless it has zombies which everyone seems to jump on now.

This show however is bringing back the old demonic possession gimmick and the talent in this show is bringing out their best performances. Geena Davis plays Angela Rance, the mother of two daughters seemingly stalked by a demon that looks like and old man. More like a principal at the end of a long day but that is what makes him all the more scarier.

The daughters, Casey and Katherine Rance are played by Hannah Kusulka and Brianne Howey are both in their teens and seem like they come from a decent family that has suffered some setbacks. For one, their father seems to slowly be deteriorating mentally. On op of that, the girls lost a close friend in a car accident. It seems the tragedy of the events the family has suffered invited a demonic presence in the house. So who they gonna call?

For counseling Mrs. Rance goes to the church for the help of Father Tomas Ortega played by Alfonso Herrera, who questions some of the ways the church does things. He doesn't seem like the hero of the story though, (although that could change) ex-communicated Father Marcus Keane played by Ben Daniels, who has battled the forces of evil before seems like he will be of help. The writing for the show is great, without going into detail just about every character has a battle to fight and win before they go against the evil attacking the Rance family.

This show is using the name of the 1973 film that has been scaring folks and created the possession genre in Hollywood. Having said that, after watching the first few episodes the show could have been called anything since it stands well on its own. Fox is doing a smart thing using the names of iconic films and making shows with decent plots. Lethal Weapon is pretty much doing the same thing.

Four episodes into The Exorcist and you will find yourself hooked, and scared. The only concern is the Friday night schedule on Fox. Usually if a show gets moved there, its on its way out but this one started there and is really good. This time of year, especially around Halloween hopefully gives this show the boost it needs to have a decent run.

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