Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marvel Puzzle Quest review (Amazon Kindle)

**This review is for the Amazon Kindle Version of the game**

The Puzzle Quest formula is a successful, addictive formula for any puzzle game that uses it. Add a famous franchise and some comic book cover power ups and you have yourself another fun mobile game. That's what Marvel Puzzle Quest brings to your Kindle Fire tablet.

Iron Man serves as your practice character for the game and once you get some time in, he'll quickly become your more powerful character. You train and unlock many characters from the Marvel universe while you play the game. The game is free but there are the in-app purchases for boosts if you feel you want to speed things up.

Time spent playing will unlock a lot so you really don't need to spend money if you are willing to put time in to build your characters up. Marvel Puzzle Quest is available on consoles and most mobile platforms. The Amazon Kindle Fire version we played ran smooth but loading times for updates seemed a little slow. Overall, it is just as fun and addictive as any other game using the puzzle quest formula.

Check it out by clicking the below link or the image above.

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