Monday, April 18, 2016

Better Late Than Never Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

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With Captain America:Civil War (2016) due out soon, we thought it might be a good idea to watch the previous Captain America film, Captain America:The Winter Solider (2014). Marvel has been reigning at the box office by building their cinematic universe. All they're doing is publishing films the way comics are published,something fans of the characters have wanted as long as they have been reading comic books.

When something new is added, its time to play catch-up. The Winter Soldier film holds a lot of the elements that will fuel the Civil War story-line in the films. It really is required viewing before the new film comes out and without spoiling too much for the few that have not seen it, we'll list some elements that will continue in the new film.

Trust No One
When the story gets going (and it doesn't take long) in Winter Soldier, a mortally wounded Nick Fury warns Captain America not to trust anyone. Before that even happens our protagonist already has issues with the way SHIELD is operating. The film begins with Cap and his team being sent on a mission, for a completely different mission he seems to be left out of. He will remain skeptical of the government he works for through out the film.

Tony Stark
Not only is his money and technology being used for the missions mentioned above, but it should go without saying information and technology made by Stark means he's involved. In Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Stark gets some flack for this when they find out he's been working on a secret AI behind the backs of his team mates. It was a huge enough beef in The Avengers film so look for it carry over in the new film.

Hail Hydra!
Hydra was mentioned as recent as Deadpool (2016), and even though Deadpool is a unique character in the broad spectrum of things, pay attention to the dialogue between him and his former room mate when you see Deadpool again. He's a former member of Hydra.

There's probably a lot more and if there isn't, Captain America: Winter Soldier is not only worth watching over again for the broad story connections, but as a stand alone action film. If you get the bug to start collecting these films the way you collected the comics you can grab a copy from Amazon by clicking the above image.

Captain America: Winter Soldier is rated PG-13, check it out if you haven'r before the latest films is released this May.

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