Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chris Leben is fighting and writing

It was recently announced that fan-favorite MMA fighter, Chris Leben has been recently signed to the growing roster over at Bellator MMA. When the news broke, those un-aware that he was coming back from retirement were skeptical of his motivation for doing so.

Rest assured, Leben just loves fighting. Since his last fight in 2013 he has been busy writing his first book, hosting an MMA radio show, and coaching other fighters.
“Focusing on just coaching at Victory MMA has been amazing, but recently, I started to get the itch to compete again,” Leben said. “So I extended an olive branch to the people at Bellator and here I am. I’m in great shape, I love the possible matchups this roster has to offer and I’m ready to show the world why they call me ‘The Crippler.’”
You can read more about his signing and the other fighters that signed last week here. If you would like to purchase his book, "The Crippler: Cage Fighting and My Life on The Edge" click the above image to purchase it on Amazon.

The Crippler is coming to Bellator|Page2Sports.com

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