Monday, November 23, 2015

Justice wins at the New Jersey Comic Expo

The New Jersey Comic Expo held its first event in New Jersey and with it,it's first ever costume contest.  Competitive cosplayers were in full swing and competition was fierce, but no matter how many characters appeared one group would win the top prize. If ever anyone needed an escape from the mundane day to day in central New Jersey, the NJ Comic Expo was the place to be.

Good and evil characters did their best to come out on top in the costume contest, but when the DC Cosplayers East are present, its a hard task to beat like minded folks in such a creative environment. They took top prize as "The Justice Society of America", with probably the best group presentation ever done at an event like this. It wasn't just fun and games either, if you are an aspiring creator or wanted to pick the brains of some of the veterans of the comic book business, panels ran all day on both days. Writers and artists shared some of their best experiences with fans and future creators alike while promoting some of their greatest and upcoming work.

The artwork overload on display was extraordinary, there has not been anything like this in central Jersey ever. So many new and famous artists from the industry were on hand, both full days were needed to take it all in. Jim Lee was on hand Sunday meeting with fans of his work. The venue was perfect, even the longest of lines ran smoothly. 

The turnout was great for the first time this expo was held, it was posted on the program that a return is already planned for next year. Advanced ticket holders were treated to a bag of comics that included a rare limited edition Star Wars: Vader Down #1. The celebrities on hand included Amy Acker from Person of Interest and Drea de Matteo from Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos. Again, the pace was nice if you waited in line to for autographs and photo ops.

The New York Comic-con is nice, but it has gotten a little too big to fully enjoy. This one felt just as big, without any kind of crowded, rushed feeling and with all the famous vehicles on display along with the cosplayers, there truly was something for everyone. Too bad there isn't a way to enjoy the weekend over again... or is there?

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