Monday, November 23, 2015

DYNAMITE fuse lit at the New Jersey Comic Expo

One of the featured guests at the New Jersey Comic Expo was Garth Ennis, he was on hand to promote his work with DYNAMITE. The New Jersey based publication has put out a lot of the famed writer's work and is still doing so with his latest, "A Train Called Love". The company is also releasing James Bond comics after the success of the Spectre  film this month.

The latest from Ennis is a pretty funny adult themed, action/comedy. It was reminiscent of the film The Big Hit, with Mark Wahlburg and the language and humor is right up the alley for what Ennis is known for. If you were a fan of Barracuda from his run on "The Punisher:MAX" this is one you want to read. It has a lot of the same funny banter between characters that will seem familiar if you liked that story-line. "A Train Called Love", is new and should be on issue two by now. If you are looking for the latest from Garth Ennis, this is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Written by Warren Ellis, "VARGR" is the first in on going James Bond stories DYNAMITE will be putting out that should keep fans of the famous spy happy until the next film is released. It has Bond returning to London, looking into the death of a fellow agent. The artwork is in line with recent posters for the films and makes you think of all the cool intros every bond film ever had, a really good looking comic.

Outside of the work of Ennis, we had not really known much of what DYNAMITE was putting out. However, after leaving the expo we packed up on stuff we didn't even know about and look forward to reading more of what they have planned in the future. There is even a comic called "Cage Hero" that caught our eye because of the MMA themed cover. We have not read it yet, but we'll be sure to check it out since we cover the sport here and at Page 2 Sports.

The New Jersey Comic Expo was the first show at the central NJ location and made for a completely awesome weekend. You can read more about that here.

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