Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Strain recap/review "Identity"

Michael Gibson/FX
A new hunter is making his way to help The Elders, and the others that are looking to stop The Master. Eph went to Washington DC to hook up with yet another woman in a completely random act of being "Ephed up", and we finally got to see Gus and Angel in action. Who does Eph think he is? That horn dog senator from House of Cards?

All Eph's trip to DC turned up was what we already knew, Stoneheart group and The Master have some influence in government. Setrakian, Fet, and Palmer's former assistant were making some headway with their quest for the book before they were attacked by Strigoi Nora and her little Strigoilings. Palmer's former assistant was lost in that exchange, too bad as we were hoping for more from that character.

Gus and Angel showed they could work well together when they needed to, despite their differences. Angel's knee seems to be a big problem though, something that is present in the book but not as prominent. Most likely they'll remedy that before seasons end somehow because that is a memorable duo in the books.

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Finally, we can kiss The Master's ginormous body good-bye as his wounds from fighting Setrakian prove too much for him. He occupies a new body similar to the way it was done in the flashback sequence in Setrakian's story. Bolivar's body is his new vessel much to Eichorst's dismay. Could this cause some loyalty issues in the future? We'll find out soon, or ins season three since it was approved last week we would get one.

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