Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mr. Robot catch up

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A lot has happened since the last time Mr. Robot was written about here. Since, Elliot has lost someone close to him and the Fight Club plot line seems to be unraveling. Even if a lot of people called that early in the show, where it could be going is still reason to watch.

The American Psycho plot is also unraveling and what makes that interesting is that, this particular psycho has an equally psychotic co-pilot that will help him in his psychotic endeavors. Funny thing revealed in the last episode that our corporate psycho and Mr. Robot seem to be well aware of each other. Their psychotic endeavors to either over-throw the one percent, or become one of them have been spinning around each other all along.

It was not completely underlined that Mr. Robot played by Christian Slater is in fact Elliot played by Rami Malek. However, if they are going to clear that up it will most likely be in the episodes to come. The way the story is being told and how it has been shot is definitely worth sticking around to find out.

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