Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lucy (2014) Review

Lucy (2104) was one of Luc Besson's recent films that featured  Scarlett Johansson as the title character. She does good work in most films she does, but the story for this one felt a little weak. Besson has mixed action and drama better than most but this film started somewhere different then where it ended.

The beginning is done very well, showing the most primal form of man when he was using less than ten percent of his brain. The first ancestor of man found, "Lucy" is referenced a lot and the relationship between Johansson's character and the original human is brought up a lot.

The story is based on the "what if" situation on the potential of using 100 percent of our brain capacity, as opposed to the ten percent we currently use. Lucy, accidentally has a drug entered into her system that allows her to slowly be able to use the full potential of her brain. In trying to find out more about what is happening to her and the potential dangers of the drug, the film takes Lucy on a mission to track down the remaining samples of the drug.

Something happens mid-way through the film that takes it another way, different from what the trailer made it seem like it was going. Sad, because the film showed promise but when it finishes you are left wondering, what just happened?

Lucy is rated 'R' for violence and some sexually suggestive themes. Although if you pass on watching ti, you won't be missing anything.

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