Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Deadwood might be getting the ending it deserves

One of the best westerns on recent television might finally get the closing it deserves. Deadwood got cancelled by HBO in 2006 without an ending and recent news from TV Line has suggested it may be getting the film that gives it an ending.

If you have not seen the show, owning the complete series will be accompanied by special features. In that you'll see the shows creator explain why the show ended and his distaste for the networks decision. He was not alone in his distaste.

While the report from TV Line was only referring to talks resuming about the show getting the ending it deserved, it was enough to get fans excited. Even though it is all just speculation now, expect this to be HBO's next big thing if it does come back.

The show is really one of the best things HBO has ever produced. It is worth owning and if you would like to purchase it just click the featured image to pick it up on Blu-ray.

Deadwood Wrap-up Movie Finally (Maybe) Happening|

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