Monday, July 20, 2015

The Strain 'By Any means' Recap/Review

This show is still pacing things a lot better than the book. However, the need to throw romance in arbitrary scenes out of the blue still exists. Perhaps they need to do one every season, either way, as long as they stay focused on the big picture the show should do well.

Setrakian is still looking for his book, Fet is killing strigoi and getting laid, Eph is right where he should be, out of the way. We also see Palmer's juices are flowing after meeting the young lady he met with Eichorst when looking for new property for The Masters plans. He hires her, to keep her close for his own interests most likely due to the rejuvenated vigor from having The Masters blood in him.

The flashbacks in this one finally let fans know about the cane-sword Setrakian carries and its significance to The Master, who used to be known as Joseph Sardu. Setrakian's mind and what he seeks seems to be the biggest weapon they have against the vampire strain and The Master's ultimate goal. Other than some more looking for cures, and the book that may hold a way to wipe out the strigoi, this episode was a little weak.

Except for the one action sequence with Fet in the bathroom taking out some vamps with the hacker chick, whom he has sex with right after, this episode was a little light on the action. Lets hope this is the only one as things seem to be falling apart the way they do in the book.

Photos form FX| The Strain

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