Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Search for General Tso (2014): Review

Photo: Official Facebook page.
This film stumbled onto +Netflix large collection of documentaries, and does a nice job of mixing comedy with some historical detective work on the origins of the popular dish. If you are not a vegetarian you have probably ordered the chicken dish in any Chinese restaurant near you.

Photo: Official Facebook page.

The Search for General Tso gives you some history on the famed General, and tracks the dish down to its inception on the culinary circuit as well as its influence on other dishes. Foodies will love watching this and want to run out and grab an order. However, there is a nice culturally historical lesson in the film. Other dishes and their origins are featured in the film and you'll be surprised that most Chinese food as you know it, is actually American.

Do yourself a favor, in the upcoming dog days of summer if you can't get to the beach, check out this film. Then, go grab yourself some chicken.

Official website| The Search for General Tso

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