Monday, July 27, 2015

'Mei Mei' Hell on Wheels recap/review

Photo: Michelle Faye/AMC
The character of Cullen Bohannon must have the hardest TV life of any fictional character on a show. This episode had him near death once again, in the cold, hanging on for dear life. That was just the beginning.

The episode brings back the story a few days before he winds up in his predicament so we, watching at home can see how he got there.

Photo: Michelle Faye/AMC
The Swede faces the dangers of the cold as well when we see him and the other Mormon's face work in the freezing conditions with poor equipment. Gunderson (The Swede) has had to bargain for survival before and he uses his skills to find a way to keep himself close enough to Bohannon to agitate him. Whatever he is up to for future episodes, it can't be any good.

Photo: Michelle Faye/AMC
Fong and Bohannon bond over their railroad progress on the mountain and share a secret before we find them where we saw them in the beginning. If you have not guessed the secret before watching the episode, it won't be spoiled here. Again, as mentioned before if you are just getting into Hell on Wheels, record these ad take it all in when it's over.

Next weeks episode looks to show some trouble when steam technology comes in to threaten work. Hopefully we'll get an update on Durant and how far behind Bohannon he really is.

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