Sunday, July 26, 2015

'Fort Defiance' Ep. 3 of The Strain recap/review

Photo: Michael Gibson/FX

Something about a show that connects the fiction to reality makes fans connect really well. If you're on the east coast and in NY/NJ this episode was really easy to relate to based on where many things happened. The book does the same thing for the readers and the changes being made for the show are more pluses than minus.

Photo: Michael Gibson/FX
The city has declared war against Strigoi and will not go down without a fight. An example was made of many of the masters turned to let him know humans will be fighting back. Fet's plan to cut off the transportation underground of the villainous vampire strain. Meanwhile, Vaugh is helping Augustin refine his vampire slaying skills.

Photo: Michael Gibson/FX

Setrakian's health was fading so he had to do something drastic to get his strength back to continue his battle with The Master. He has been using the worms to prolong his life to continue his mission by boiling their essence into a solution that keeps him healthy. Very similar to what The Master do for Eldridge Palmer.

On the other end of the spectrum, Eph attempts to bond with Zach and share his plans for a cure of the stain that transforms people into Strigoi. These scenes are pretty useless and do not exist in the book, what purpose they are serving in the show, only the producers know. Hopefully this will lead somewhere later.

Photo: Michael Gibson/FX
Palmer has been assigned Bolivar as his new bodyguard and watcher since his last encounter with Setrakian. Augustine makes a good attempt with Vaughn to take out Palmer and The Master's money. But people with money find ways to keep themselves safe. Did Vaughn survive? Looks like next week we'll find out.

The changes from the book in the show, despite anything having to do with Eph are still well done. If anything reading the book will serve as a worthy footnote to a story that was most likely designed for a strong fan-base.

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