Thursday, June 18, 2015

John Wick (2014): Review

Photo: Official movie site

Sometimes you need to see a movie about kicking butt. Man On Fire is that kind of movie , Leon: The Professional is that kind of movie, and so is John Wick. What do these films have in common?


For starters, they all star actors you don't expect in roles like this. Keanu Reeves has already had his share of action, martial arts themed, films so his performance is not that much of a surprise. +The Blogboard Jungle  loves a well written story but if the action in a film is as awesome as it is in John Wick. Liberties can be taken in the writing process and it won't matter.

Are the days of martial arts stars over? Was Jet Li the last one of our time? John Wick shows that with a good stunt team, good director, and awesome fight choreography anyone can make a solid action film.

By now you have probably heard a lot about John Wick.  Believe the hype and check it out. It's rated 'R' for violence and a lot of it. It is out now on home video.

Photos from official site | John Wick the Movie

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