Thursday, June 11, 2015

Father Evil is summoning you

Photo: Father

There is a convention for everything these days. So much so, they're known as "Cons" to those that frequent them. Most people know about the big Comic-con in New York and San Diego, but did you know there are ones for Horror fans?

Photo: Official Father Evil Facebook page

Costume players are pretty common at most conventions and they do develop a following while they are there.  However, one in particular was originated at horror conventions and seems to appear at many across the nation. Father Evil has drawn many worshipers to his flock over the years, so much so people have to wonder, "Is this cosplay or is this for real?"

Photo: Official Father Evil Facebook page.

Demon, monster, hell-spawned, no one really knows but something about his aura draws fans to Father Evil like no one before. He is listed among's list of monsters up for voting on who is their top monster.

Please go and vote for today's most well traveled Evil below:

Vote HERE  (He's # 26)

If you would like to know more about Father Evil and puchase any evil merchandise his web-site is at the link below.

Father Evil | Official Website

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