Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dawg Fight (2015): Review


This film is a difficult one to watch, especially if you're on the fence about MMA and the various roads to the big leagues. On one hand, the people that refer to unregulated combat sports as "human cock-fighting" will use this film to support their argument.  On the other, it does give a good look at an outlet human beings have always had to keep them from doing worse to each other. Dawg Fight looks at a culture of combat sports that can save lives, if the combatants choose to make the right choices.

+The Blogboard Jungle loves MMA. This film  was a little hard to watch only because it could easily be made to put the sport in a negative light.  Mostly because, the sport in this film is unregulated and the bulk of the combatants are untrained. The focus of the film is on the promoter, Dhafir "DADA 5000" Harris. He and Kevin Ferguson, best known as "Kimbo Slice, are some of the people that found success through the events put together in his backyard brawls.

In putting together the events, his hopes are to create the same path that helped him and Ferguson find success. Those that take it seriously and train for the unregulated sport, eventually find their way into the pay days of professional fighting.  However, those that do it to just be popular in the neighborhood, are not so lucky.

The film is worth a watch if you want to see the argument for finding a way to get people out of bad environments. One wonders if the film maker intended to help, or hinder Harris' efforts to use combat sports as an outlet for violence that can turn deadly. The film is available on +Netflix if you don't mind watching a brawl but it is not recommended for people that are closed minded, or ignorant to combat sports.

Afterwards, maybe you can answer the question, "Was this meant to put Harris and his neighborhood in a positive light?" He should probably ask the film makers.

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