Monday, June 1, 2015

Between, Netflix weekly series review


Between is a Netflix attempt at a weekly series. Why they would stray away from the binge worthy success of House of Cards and Daredevil can only be answered when Between is over. The premise is an odd combo of Under the Dome and Lord of the Flies with a little bit of Contagion. Curiosity might grab you through the first couple of episodes but with only two currently available, you have to treat this like regular TV.

+The Blogboard Jungle gives any a show a three episode run.  If it does not grab interest in the first three episodes, it is no longer on viewing rotation. It is a fair way to assess if a show is worth your time or not. Two episodes in has our curiosity but not out interest, yet. The curious part is the premise, a mysterious disease wipes out a town's adults over the age of 22. Those under 22 are left to make their way as a civilized group until the town's quarantine is lifted by the government.

A fence surrounds the town and no one can get in or out once they are in full quarantine.  One delinquent happens to make it in as everything is beginning it looks like he may be the shows villain. The obvious problem is the mystery virus and the only one that seems close to finding anything out is the local hacker shut-in. A teenager with bad hair. Not really a great protagonist, but still it is only the second episode.

The third episode will be released most likely by the time people read this. If you have caught it, please chime in on comments below. Has Between gotten your attention?

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