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The Sheik (2014) Review

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Documentaries hold a special place in film. They not only exist to educate the masses but they do so in such an entertaining way. They give you countless hours of conversation when you find someone that has seen the same one as you. No documentaries do this better than documentaries on pro-wrestling.

Sheik at right on bodyguard duty.

The Sheik (2014) is the latest to add to the list of documentaries that will rewind any fan of pro-wrestling to the days when it was the talk of the lunch room when you were a kid. Some stuff is known because it was televised, some things you'll find out about the guy you loved to hate in the 80's. Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, best known as The Iron Sheik invites you into a personal look at his history as a freestyle wrestler, turned bodyguard, turned Olympic wrestling coach, to the pro wrestling heel.

Duane "The Rock" Johnson with The Shiek

The influence this gentleman had on other wrestlers and his work ethic for the business of pro wrestling seems unique to him. The interviews with other stars from pro wrestling that were of his era and after let viewers know. If there was no Sheik, there would be no "Hulkamaniacs" or "Jabroni's". The baddest guy we remember from his time was actually a really good guy.

The Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter.

He does take the unfortunate path most pro-wrestlers take and that is covered in this film. What makes it great is his salvation and recovery is also covered. It is touching because it shows how having people around that care about these icons can have a positive affect. 

If you are not a current fan of pro-wrestling it is still worth a watch. If you were a fan, especially in the 80's you will take a nice trip to your childhood. It's up on +Netflix if you need something to watch.

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