Monday, April 13, 2015

Daredevil: The man that stole hours of the weekend.

Did you watch Daredevil on +Netflix this past weekend? If you did you probably lost some time from things you should have been doing. It looks like they actually did take notes from Arrow and took as far as Netflix would allow.  Which is pretty far for TV, but good enough for fans that grew up on Marvel comics.

Photo: Netflix

This show has action that borders on the level of The Raid films, they shoot in New York, not Canada like most comic shows do, and the story is really well written. It is kept gritty enough for adults to keep focused on while not straying away from what Marvel is building with The Avengers. Yes, Agents of SHIELD is doing that but not as good as this show is.


Charlie Cox plays "the man without fear" and the main villain is played by awesome character actor Vincent D'Onofrio. If you are unfamiliar with the character's background, D'Onofrio plays The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. He has never played any role bad, and when it comes to villainy or flat out nuts, D'Onofrio does that very well.

Cox may be most recently remembered from Boardwalk Empire and this role has him as the lead. He does a good job of playing Daredevil/ Matt Murdoch. He is not really selling the whole being blind thing very well but does it really matter for this? He does act very well in scenes that drive Murdoch's passion for justice in and out of the court room.

There are a full 13 episodes of vigilante justice to binge on. If you haven't jumped on the Netflix band wagon yet, now is a good time.

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