Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Flash: Tricksters recap/review

There is a constant discussion at the water cooler about which is better. The Flash or Arrow? The answer keeps changing with every episode of both shows. The Flash helped Arrow get better (not that it needed any help) and vice versa.

Photo: Official Flash Facebook page

This weeks episode entitled Tricksters had some great timing coming out on the day before April Fools day. Mark Hamill reprises his role of the villain from the Flash series of the 90's and his performance was pretty good. Probably because his voice still has the tone of another very well known DC comic villain he played for a while.

Photo: Official Facebook page

They also do a nice job of giving Harrison Wells/ Reverse Flash a back story to lead into what looks like it will be a pretty big season finale. The previews made it seem like they would involve arrow and other heroes from the CW/DC universe. The more they add the more they can mash it all together.

I like what you're doing over there CW...I like it a lot.

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