Tuesday, April 7, 2015

House of Cards Season 3 (review)

Photo: Netflix
If you have not gotten into this show and have a +Netflix streaming account you should give it a try. Binge watching TV is the bread and butter of the streaming service and this show is the litmus test that verified we like doing it. The third season dragged a little but like always it closes leaving people wanting more.

Spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you yet to watch. Underwood is president, Stamper is still alive, and his favorite little string that attached him and Frank to the murder of Peter Russo has disappeared. The show focuses a lot on the relationship between Francis and Claire and how they are trying to keep the throne in the White-house they got so underhandedly.

Being President not only ages those elected but brings them to the breaking point. This season foes a good job of showing that. For the first time we see Frank Underwood not get his way but he weeps when it happens. We all see after quite a few episodes how important Doug Stamper is to him.

Even though he (Stamper) survives his ordeal at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. He is injured, severely and needs help.  Not as much help as Underwood needs this season but it gets resolved and Stamper returns to his side. However, not before his relationship with Claire, and the presidency begin to slip away from Frank.

As always, we get left wanting to see what will happen next when the show ends. The show could end right where it is but it won't. There are some things you might miss like Underwood breaking the fourth wall and addressing the viewer. He only does it about four times in the season when he obviously has a lot going on internally.

The way it went, the fourth season should probably be the last. It's based on a novel and a UK show of the same name so maybe watching those could give us an idea of how long Netflix will stretch House of Cards.

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