Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flash/ Arrow Crossover Pt.1 Recap/Review [Spoilers]

Photo from CW/ Flash Facebook page.
Ever since Arrow has been on TV the landscape for shows based on comic books set a new bar. It's been said here before that Agents of Shield needs to take note when Arrow was binge watched on +Netflix  and the same is true for The Flash.  Setting a new bar, the network is doing a crossover event with both shows and part one aired on Tuesday night.

Tuesday night is the regular airing night for The Flash and coming the night before Arrow part one of the crossover was titled, Flash vs Arrow.  Barry Allen and the crew at S.T.A.R labs had to deal with their regular meta-human of the week, the only difference being they got some extra help from Oliver Queen.  He explains his presence in Central City as following up on a lead and hearing Barry's dilemma with the meta-human they code name: Prism.  Prism has the ability to instill rage into people by making eye contact with them.  Those effected go mad with rage leaving him to do as he pleases while everyone else is distracted by going into blind rage.

While tracking down this "meta", Barry and Oliver decide to get some hero training done.  Oliver learns of Barry's mishaps and near failures due to his inexperience and relying too much on his powers.  Training is interrupted as Barry doesn't bother to heed Oliver's warning about rushing into things and rushed right into the eyes of Prism.

This is what sets up the Flash to battle the Arrow, it's hard to go into detail and if anything is spoiled in this write up about it you should still watch the episode for the battle alone.  According to Cisco, they "tie" and it is a bit funny as both the crew of Arrow and The Flash watch their respective heroes battle it out.  Once Barry is cured of his rage they make peace and setup for part 2 of the crossover on Arrow's night.

Crossover in comics are always big deals and DC and the CW network have done what many television watchers wish more shows would do and have them interact in the same world.  Yes, Law and Order does it all the time but this is comic book fiction and the action and potential battles in that genre probably make for better TV.

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