Friday, December 5, 2014

Arrow/Flash Crossover Pt 2: The Brave and The Bold Recap/Review

Part 2 of the Arrow/Flash crossover continued Wednesday night with the Arrow's episode entitled The Brave and the Bold.  Like part one The Flash episode that took place in Central City, Arrow would have Flash come to his city and help with his villain of the week, Captain Boomerang.

As corny as the villain sounded, he was not so corny in the action sequences that would have him face off against Arrow and crew.  The character is nicknamed by Cisco since he has the habit naming the villains he catalogs for the Barry's development as Flash.

There was no Arrow vs Flash in this episode, but they would have a difference of opinion in how they would deal with extracting information from criminals.  They still work together to resolve their dilemma of Captain Boomerang.  One thing came out for sure in this episode, Oliver Queen despite all he has been through on the island, with Deathstroke, and losing his best friend and his mother.  He is still a spoiled rich kid.  He insists all the way through the episode, things will be done his way, even after Barry convinces him he is too hard on himself and should take some help once in a while.

The episode ends with a practice show down we do not get to see the final result of but not before we get a hint that this won't be the only crossover as the series is on.  Next week is the mid-season finale of both before the holiday break.  If you have not tuned into these shows yet, now is a good time to catch up.

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