Monday, September 8, 2014

The Strain, episodes 6,7 and 8 recap.

    In the last 3 episodes we get more insight on Eichorst's and Setrakian's past, and witness the vampire like illness take over New York during the eclipse.  In the beginning of episode 6 we hear a little audio from various satellite feeds of the growing chaos and anarchy forming at the start of the eclipse.  We learned from Vasily Fet's encounter with the strigoi, sun light does burn them so that fact that the sun is going to be blocked by an eclipse further helps The Masters plan.

There is no slowing down at this point in the series as all the characters we have met have had to defend themselves, or been taken by parasitic disease.  Eph, is on the run from the police while trying to help Setrakian stop it from spreading any further.  Gus and his boy get caught up doing more dirty work for The Stone Heart Group and dispose of a body along with Eph's friend and co-worker Jim Kent.  It seems Eichorst has had his thumb on a lot people in the planning process from what we learn in these recent episodes as well as some very early history with Setrakian.   The flashbacks are compelling, finding out that a very young Setrakian built The Masters coffin during WWII.

After the disposal of a body Kent and Gus part ways only to realize they have been aiding in something far worse and bigger than they are.  This is underlined when Eph goes to bring his proof of the plague to his boss only to find out Stone Heart controls them as well, luckily for him Kent has a change of heart.   He aides in his escape from CDC building and returns to Setrakian as Nora does when they realize things are too far gone.  In rallying for supplies knowing the eclipse will cause more darkness and chaos they finally meet Vasily Fet in a mutual looting for the same supplies.  They team up only to get caught in a gas station battle.  Kent get cut, and has to be released which is the final action they take before making their escape.

Apologies again for the late post and having to summarize 3 episodes into one post.  Things have been hectic but are calming down now.

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