Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'The Strain' Episode 9 Recap/review

     This episode slowed down a bit after last weeks episode and takes place directly after the battle at the gas station.  We also get more information about Setrakian, Eichorst, and The Master's  history and an update on Gus and his partner in crime who was bitten just before their arrest.  Also, Eph makes a pretty messed up blunder around Nora.

Right after the escape from the gas station battle, Fet and the others try to drop off their new friend, Dutch Velders the hacker that unwittingly helped The Stoneheart group shut down the Internet. Fet accompanies her to her apartment to "make sure it's safe" only to find out that it is not safe and that her lover stole all her money for deeds done on behalf of Stoneheart.  She decides to stick with the group after Fet gets rid of an infected visitor and confesses her part in what is happening to Setrakian.
They pick up Eph's son after rescuing him from his mothers boyfriend who got infected at work, Eph and Nora stay behind...who knows why other than to have a completely unnecessary love scene (more on that later). They then catch up with the group, and Fet goes out on his own for a bit.  Gus's friend has fully transformed by the time they are in the van for the prison transfer and the strigoi attacks both guards and prisoners.  This helps Gus escape after he releases his old friend.

The most interesting thing about the episode was Setrakian and Eichorst's history told through flashbacks.  We see that Eichorst was what can be called a "familiar" if you saw the Blade films and his reward was being turned in 1944.  We see Setrakian's hands are mangled from his first face to face with The Master as well as seeing The Master's actual face.  We learn that even though people are turned by bites and scratches, when The Master turns someone as a reward he does not feed from them.  He just transfers the worms so they can become part of his Strain.

I have to add, that Eph and Nora are becoming less important to the grand scheme of things even though he seems pitched as the main protagonist of the show.  Both in the book and this TV series the characters that seem most interesting are Setrakian, The Master and Vasily Fet.  They are what is keeping me watching at this point.   The differences from the book are good ones, and even though that can be a problem sometimes.  This shows changes keep me interested but this focus on Nora and Eph feels forced.  Hollywood seems to need love interests in everything and sometimes, it's not necessary.  Who has time for all that during a vampire apocalypse?
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