Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'The Runaways' Episode 5 recap of The Strain

    Oddly enough this episode begins with a nice breakfast in the house where two vampires were just slain.  The worms from the bodies are crawling around somewhere, but okay...lets have toast and eggs now.  Regardless, Setrakian tells Eph his story and how he knows so much about The Master and the Strigoi.

We get his story through flashbacks of a younger Setrakian in World War II and his first encounters with The Master.  He first witnesses this creature feeding on people in the work camps he was forced into by the Nazis and we also see a familiar face in command of the Nazis.  Meanwhile, Vasily Fet is looking into why so many vermin are leaving their nests and he finds out when he encounters a nest of Strigoi and barely escapes with his life.  Nora, goes to visit her ailing mother in a nursing home after ignoring calls from Eph only to see that the strain is spreading and there is an attack in the nursing home so she gets her mother out of there.  

When Eph and Setrakian are done with breakfast they're ready to move on to the next house on Setrakian's list.   He gives Eph a modified nail gun that fires silver spikes at a high velocity as we learn silver hurts them and they do no cast reflections well.  They go to Ansle's house where they found his wife has committed suicide over not knowing what to do with her husband.  They find Ansle, or what used to be him deeply transformed and no longer able to think of protecting anyone.  Knowing that he chained himself to the shed they dispatch him and his neighbor that his wife put in there with him last episode.  Ansle seems fully transformed or at least at the same level Bolivar is when we see his assistant did not realize she was feeding him people as his condition worsened.

The episode keeps the same pace and I'm sure we'll get more flashback history on Setrakian and The Master in the episodes to come.  Will Nora go back to Eph with her mother?  What is Vasily going to do with what he knows?  The previews for the coming weeks seem to hint all will be revealed soon.

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