Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"It's not for everyone" The Strain Episode 4 recap.

     Episode 4 picks up right where we left off, so do not read if you're not caught up with The Strain.  Eph does an emergency autopsy on the creature he killed at the end of the last episode that used to be Capt. Redfern of Regis flight 753.  Finally realizing he should have heeded Satrakian's word and decides to study the biology of what is happening to those that were afflicted on the flight.

During the autopsy we learn more about what happens to the people once they catch the wormies, AKA The Strain that makes people into these vampire like creatures.  We know that it spreads through the worms like a parasite occupying a host until it consumes them completely and uses the vessel to make more works and spread those through more attacks.

Meanwhile, one of the survivors that went home,  Ansle realizes his thirst after feeding on the dog and locks himself in the shed to protect his family from what he's capable of while he still has some independent thought from The Master.  Although his complaining neighbors don't seem to matter much as his wife kindly fed one to him, that might be a problem for her later since she'll now have two infected in the same shed after a while.
Eph got a phone call in the 2nd episode that was full of more character building and regular people problems but he got word that the little girl whom he checked on from Regis 753 did come home to her father and in this episode realizes, they're most likely more infected there.  So he goes with Nora to confront what is in the house, not knowing Satrakian is working off a a list of passengers he got from a hacker at the cost of a PS4 also in episode 2.  In the house they meet and disperse of both infected Father and daughter, Eph now ready to listen to Satrakian while Nora...not so much.   That's a little weird considering she was all ears up until Satrakian started decapitating people.  These episodes end pretty abruptly when things like this happen but it's a good formula to make us tune in next week.

Gus, our gang banger friend is in this episode as well but he does nothing worth mentioning.  He seems to contradict himself and his straight and narrow intentions in this episode by helping someone steal a car.  I think it's safe to assume we'll know what that has to do with anything in future episodes.

  To further your fan experience, FX made an app for your phone so you can "get infected"and it is available for both Android and Iphone here.

Me infected.
It's pretty much like the zombie yourself apps for popular zombie shows/movies but it has some spooky music as it takes you through your own transformation.

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