Monday, April 7, 2014

True Detective in two days. (No spoilers)

This past weekend my girlfriend and I had plans, we were going to grab some sushi in a new sushi place and grab a late showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in our local theater.  Dinner ran a little long so we wound up home afterwards and while we were watching TV a commercial came on for an HBO watch-a-thon where users of my cable service could watch their shows for free until Sunday night.

We're both fans of Boardwalk Empire so we watched an episode of that, then I saw True Detective and me being a fan of crime fiction said, "let's check that out."  We were hooked after the first episode, our time was limited so our weekend turned into doing our regular chores, she made time for yoga, I made time for Jiu Jitsu and nothing else filled our time except finishing True Detective.  For any readers of graphic novels out there, if you have not seen this you need to.  If you like the work of Grant Morrison, Ed Brubaker, or Jason Aaron you will like the way this show flows.  The authors I just mentioned wrote stuff like Criminal, and Scalped, not your traditional comic book stuff more crime related stories.  Classified as crime-noir or neo-noir the story takes place in Louisiana covering a case that spans the course of 17 years starting in 1995 two newly partnered  State Polices Detectives  Rustle Cohl and Martin Hart played by Mathew Mcconaughy  and Woody Harrelson respectively.   Cohl, Mcconaghy's character is the modern equivalent of Sherlock Holmes his past made him somewhat of a shut in that needs a case to focus on constantly so while Hart is out living his family life and "other" things, Cohl is still working on their case.  His only hobbies are reading different cases on true crimes and refining his skills of deduction.  Hart, when asked in one scene references the types of detectives that exist, the one's that are just there to do their time and wait on their pensions and the ones that deep into their work.  He gets asked what kind of detective he is and his reply is , "just a detective".  Which I would say is a good way to classify his character as he has good morals most of the time, when it comes to his job anyway and still pursues justice.  Their journey together on this case is probably the best I've ever seen and the sequence that has Cohl escaping a housing development with a CI (Confidential Informant) is better than any movie that has been out in that genre as of late.

HBO is an expensive channel to have, but I do like a lot of their stuff back from when I used to have it and what I get to watch on weekends like this and home video.  If you're not well off enough to have HBO, and feel you are lacking in some good detective fiction you definitely wan this on your watch list while things to watch are lacking.  Being that I mentioned some good graphic novels, it's no wonder that I found a parody video using Batman in the True Detective intro.  It's not really a "parody" once you watch the show it's pretty damn cool.

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