Friday, April 4, 2014

C'mon son...Psych and other shows ending.

It's spring, the long winter is finally leaving, and  another show I followed for a long time has left us.  Last week, Psych aired its final episode and since its airing I have been re-watching episodes on +Esquire Network and started from episode one on +Netflix .  This change in seasons is welcome, I get to be outside more, hit the mats more, and spend more time with friends since it's not so hard to get around.  I don't mind shows taking breaks this time of year, but knowing they're never coming back is starting to bother me.

Shows getting canceled is one thing, like when Copper got canceled it bothered because they pull the rug out from under us viewers and leave us with no say, it's just done, no goodbye and you move on.  But when something comes to close the way Breaking Bad and Psych did it tends to be a little sad.  The final episode of Psych was really well written, and if you didn't think so I recommend you go back and watch it again.  I started re-watching the final episode for the 4th time just last night with my girlfriend who missed it and decided to start watching them again on Netflix.  The first lesson Henry Spencer (played by Corbin Bernson ) taught his son about the science of deduction was to pay attention to your surroundings, in the flashback sequence of the pilot it's in a diner and he asks the question,"How many hats are in the room?".   He asks the same question to a criminology student in a course he gets roped into teaching as a favor to a friend who works at a college.  Little Easter eggs like that were written into the finale, and it is those things that make it harder to say goodbye to the shows we love.

The thing about this day and age, we can easily find something to fill in the time we spend in our living rooms from video games, TV shows, and film.  If you have web access you're reach can go very far but will it ever be as good as what you became a fan of?  C'mon son...

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