Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Potential new show in the fall...to avoid.

Recently I was in Las Vegas and as I was enjoying the sights, a person representing NBC offered me 20 dollars for my opinion an a show that may be part of their fall line up.  If you ever get a chance to do it I recommend you do, not just because you get paid but it's nice to sample something first.  My girlfriend was with me and from what she told me, her show seems interesting but I was not so lucky.

 The show I got selected for was called 2 to Go and it was about a circle of very well off friends that had been married, or are getting married leaving the one guy and girl best friends as the only ones left to get married.  They even say it right before the title screen, because who ever wrote the pilot must think viewers are stupid.  Two friends, a same sex couple decide they're going to marry each other and they tease the last two, "Yay, now it's only Two to go!"  and the title crawls across the screen.  I won't bore anyone with any details but I'll tell ou that show is so predictable and cliche it's insulting to anyone's intelligence.  Furthermore, they even include the token black friend that I thought TV was done with 2014 and they make him the goof off, unemployed clown of the group which I thought added insult to injury.
...Guess who winds up "accidentally" hooking up?

I felt I should have been given 40 dollars to sit through that but they were being fair and giving everyone 20.  I get amazed sometimes at how out of touch Hollywood can be and wonder how much they pay people to come up with these wastes of time and money.  I decided to look it up, because I thought maybe Michael Bay had something to do with it but he didn't.  It turns out that it was something produced by Jason Bateman and his original idea was " a comedy about two guys surrounded by their friends kids."   That actually sounds better than what I saw, I don't know if it's because the people who have control over stuff when they buy take extreme liberties with changes, but this show was horrible.   I'm hoping the research done keeps it off the air.

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