Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marvel’s Assembling A Universe All the DVD extras in one hour.

   Got a lot of time to watch TV, so by chance I happened to  catch Disn...I mean Marvel's hour long plug of all things Marvel in TV and film.  If you have the DVD's of these and are only looking for newer information than I can say skip to the end.  However, if you have the casual fan that only knows what they know from whats been main stream as of late, this would be good to watch.

Marvel's Assembling a Universe managed to piece the entire history of all things Avengers into one hour.  starting with the concepts of the original Iron Man film and casting along with how laying the foundations in all the other films that would bring us to The Avengers film we all saw.  I have to say it was pretty much just a long promo to get people excited for the upcoming, Captain America: Winter Soldier , Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron films and it worked.  I was never big on Guardians of the Galaxy  but it's Sci-fi, action comedy, so there's no way I can't see it.  Captain America is also a must see because I thought the first one was done well so I am excited for the the next piece of his story.

They briefly touched on Avengers Age of Ultron  but the target audience was basically newer fans.  The Hulk-buster armor concept art was the most exciting news I got out of it and some nice Winter Soldier scenes for the upcoming movie.  Watch it you think you need some back story, otherwise it was just a mash up of DVD extras and promoting what's to come very briefly at the end.


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