Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bellator still number 2? maybe not for long.

   I know considering the source, it seems like a pretty bold statement.  But, in the opinion of Emmanuel Newton he sees ,"Bellator definitely surpassong the UFC. It's already happening." That was a comment he made in a recent interview at

You know my opinion, especially since I went to the opening rounds of this years tournament and loved it I tend to agree with him.  It also helps that they are live every Friday night on Spike TV.  Over all I'm a fan of the sport and tend to think this type of competition is not only good for martial arts, martial artists, and fans in general but I feel as the sport grows, so will the success of those that compete and dream to compete.  These little stabs the promotions take at each other is good for business and I for one would like to see a champion versus champion show like the rumored WSOF versus Bellator one mentioned here before.  Like I said in that piece, "competition is good for business".

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