Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Now You See Me (2013): Review

     Ocean's Eleven ( the Clooney one) , meets The Prestige in a failed attempt to make tweens look at magic the same way the latter film did in the most unbelievably expensive heist film made with actors that are stuck between the A and B list.  With the exception of Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain, and Woody Harrelson this movie seemed like a rushed mess of a wannabe heist, X-men type of film.

It's OK of you don't them...
"The Eye" is supposed to be a secret society magicians club and only the cooled David Blaine level magicians get in!  You have to be invited to get in and you have to be hazed like in a frat to get in based on the films premise.  Only the hazing to the lucky magicians known as "The Four Horseman" is to put on an elaborate Vegas style magic show and become YouTube sensations by putting on ridiculously unbelievable magic acts that are so obviously done with special effects it's just corny.  There is a twist in the film, most of you will probably figure it out right before it happens.  I will say, Woody Harrelson's performance as a mentalist was probably the best part of this movie, he's funny, witty, and the only performance convincing enough that he did some research for the role.  Honorable mention goes to Dave Franco, he plays a slight of hand guy that seems to be the most physical role in the movie.  Freeman and Cain play their roles great without question and their scenes are worth watching.

It's out on DVD and rated PG-13 if you need to have something to watch over the holiday with your family while your bodies break down all the awesome goodness of turkey day, hopefully some you still celebrate it. Otherwise, wait for it on TV.

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