Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost Human Premiere

     Remember Alien Nation?  The TV show, not the movie.  The movie was good too but the was OK enough for a weekly series until it got tired.  That's what this show reminded me of of with a little Robocop mixed in with some I ,Robot.  Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are in this new show about future cops, where police are armed with an android partner so they can do everything that Google Now does and watch your back in shoot outs as well.

Karl Urban & Michael Ealy
Karl Urban plays angry cop Detective John Kinnex , he's angry because he lost his leg, lost his partner, and hates "synthetics" which are the android partners the police are required to have with them on the job in the future.  Sounds familiar right?  It is the character formula for Will Smith in I, Robot but that's not important nor does it ruin a potentially interesting show if you're looking for something new to watch in this time of awesome shows ending or taking breaks.  Ealy, has the more interesting character in my opinion and he's a decent actor that I feel gets a lot of roles that are good for him but the projects they're attached to never have the fan base to keep them going.  He was the protagonist in Showtime's Sleeper Cell and plays the android partner of  (Urban's character) Dorian.  Dorian is an out dated android that is being used by Kinnex as a replacement for his current model he didn't care for, so he got rid of it and picked up whatever they had laying around in the android motor pool or wherever they keep those things.  Dorian's model was discontinued because they were programmed to mimic emotion to the point that some of the androids mimicked insanity.  So the chemistry between them makes for a good Murtaugh and Riggs situation for a buddy cop on TV scenario.

Stealing some ideas from I,Robot is not necessarily a bad thing because I would have liked to have seen a sequel or something of how the dynamic of the robot Sonny in the that movie and Will Smith's character would have played out, so this is a welcome version of that if you like that kind of thing.  The show premiered as part of a two part premier that continued last night, so if you're looking for something to watch this might be a good Monday night replacement if it's going to follow FOX's Monday night line up.

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