Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick R' Treat (2007) Review

   This film is on this web site's list of top movies for Halloween and lucky enough for those that haven't seen it, it's free on Fearnet this week.  This movie snuck up as a recommendation when I first watched it and had not seen any anthology horror films in a while.  The thing that is cool about this type of story telling is how all the small stories are a part of a bigger story, and this one focuses on Halloween.  It stars some pretty decent and well know actors like Anna Paquin and Brian Cox to name a few.

Watching this film again you notice things in conversation and costume that predict the twists on one of the stories, I won't ruin it for anyone since the film seems to not be very well known even though its been out for a while. I'll just tell you, it has most elements you want in anything that surrounds a story about Halloween.  Were-wolves, ghouls, a serial killer, and whatever Sam is supposed to be.  Sam is the little guy on the cover of the box if you have the DVD and he's present throughout the film.  Whatever Sam is, by the end of the film you know he loves this time of year as much as most horror fans do and will let you know if you are disrespectfully breaking Halloween tradition.

This is Sam, he really likes Halloween.
There are enough hints at the end there for you to figure out who Sam is after you watch the film.  Let's not upset Sam by letting this one pass you by on Halloween this year, or he may be the last "trick r' treater" you get.

**UPDATE**  The day after this went up, there was some news about a sequel possibly being in the works. What an awesome week for this news, now it is definetly a must see so watch it while you can.

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