Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gaming cobwebs,when you're forced to take a break from gaming.

     When you read those "Better Late Than Never" reviews here and here, usually ones about games the reason they're being done late is because I happen to still be working on my degree.  Along with that I have a full time job, a relationship, friends, family, other hobbies that get in the way that time just doesn't allow for me to throw down with my friends on line or a single player game like I used to.  While it has made my purchasing games easier and cheaper, I still get left behind on some games.

These are only some of the one's I have to finish/start.
For me, the biggest reason I have fallen so far behind is school but it made me wonder if it happens to other casual gamers.  I know it shouldn't apply to hardcore gamers, after all that's what makes them hardcore but for the older gamers like myself, we get busy and we fall behind.  I am so far behind, my decision to not jump on a next generation console was brought on by looking at the stack of un-played games I have yet to finish let alone peel the plastic off and start.  Many games have better story lines than books these days but I tend to treat them the same so I don't feel lost in the game.  A good story can also help connect you to a games protagonist so I think it helps to play them in order.

So what about you?  What pulls you away from gaming and for how long usually?  Also, how far behind are you? 

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