Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Disney Kidspiracy theory. Why the Lone Ranger may have flopped.

     No one really wants to see The Lone Ranger.  That's what I have been reading about a lot this week, how despite the films star power, (which is what Johnny Depp seems to represent) the film did not do well on its opening weekend.  There is a baseless theory I have (baseless because I just thought it up), and its only something I noticed with Disneys last flop John Carter which was actually pretty good but never got a chance.  It's their logo, the Disney logo attached with the title seems to be the equivalent of attaching M. Night Shyamalans name to a project, its box office poison.

   The Disney logo is something I associate with all their animated classics when I was a kid.  Talking animals, singing, falling in love with things that can only be made possible by some spell or wish and other kiddie fantasies.  That is what that logo makes me think of, if I had kids it would still be an eye catcher for me.  I don't have kids, and when I was a kid I think I was one of the few kids of the 80's that liked westerns.  I still love westerns and when I saw the trailer I thought maybe I would see this film, then the logo came up and something just switched off my interest.  That and the fact they hired Johnny Depp to play a Native American, I thought those days were over in Hollywood?  I also don't care for Johnny Depp if you haven't noticed he's always playing some painted up weirdo.  I know he did a good job playing an Native American Indian by researching for his role so as not to offend any Native American Indians but he still comes off as weird according to some representatives of that culture.  That being said and canceled out brings me back to the Disney logo in the title, if you look at original the original Pirates of the Caribbean promotional images from when they were in theaters you will notice the logo was not present and those films did well enough to be driven into the ground.

It was on "John Carter", "The Lone Ranger", but not on Pirates and Pirates did very well.

     So what do you think?  Do you turn a blind eye to this film because you think its a kids film from Disneys logo placement or does the genre and cast have something to do with it?  I think there's too many, more awesome films out this summer to pay it any mind.  Although The Lone Ranger was beat by a family friendly film Despicable Me 2 I still think attaching any logo that is associated with other genres may cancel out an audiences interests.

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