Sunday, July 7, 2013

"ABC's of Death" Nice idea but...

     Having been on the hunt for horror anthology films one that was recommended was The ABC's of Death, a film that takes one letter from all the letters in the alphabet and makes a horror short representing the letter. Twenty six film makers, twenty six short stories relating to some kind of death.  While many of the stories were culturally diverse, that may be the reason this one is a thumbs down for me.
Most Magnet films are ok...this isn't one of them.

    There are very few stories that stand out since they are all very short, some are animated most are live action and not more than ten minutes long.  How they got the ideas for the letters each director was assigned is something you'll have to look up on line, the only stand outs for me really were the letters A and C but you can judge for yourself if you're looking for something to watch.  The ones from Japan were almost all perverted and those film makers seemed to use this project to make their own little snuff films, some of the Spanish ones were good and I found a lot of them comedic otherwise.  Because of the cultural diversity of the film makers some people may find the humor a little odd because of not being able to relate, that may have been  the problem for me because half way through it I was just bored and trying to get through it at that point.

    If you are going to check it out it make sure there's no kids around as the Japanese stuff borders along the lines of what is on Cinemax late at night.  I think 26 stories in one film is also too much to squeeze into one film, a mini-series might have been a better way to deliver this and better for the film makers to put a serious effort into the stories.  With the limited time a lot of the films felt like film school projects that were pretty boring after a while.

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