Monday, July 22, 2013



The banter between these guys is pretty funny.
   There are movies that come out with barely any marketing or warning that we find ourselves going to see (or at least I do), films like The Other Guys and Cop Out that critics hate on, don't do well at the box office, and are reported as failures the week after they release and don't get put in the top 10 for the weekend it came out.  R.I.P.D is one of those films that share the company of the other two films mentioned according to a lot of box office reports.  You know what else those films have in common?  I like them.

R.I.P.D stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges in this supernatural buddy cop movie, that has plenty of laughs to keep you entertained.  It's a horror/comedy that doesn't take itself seriously at all and in my opinion Ryan Reynolds always shines when he does any form of comedy.  Jeff Bridges does his Rooster Cogburn remix in this film as they play two deceased cops patrolling the living world for escaped dead souls.  The film gets to the point quickly and even though it seems rushed puts together a decent enough story with a unique twist on the villain that I was surprised at who it was and how it was covered up so well.  Not, surprised but happy with how it all came together to make this a decent movie, and the banter between Bridges and Reynolds was pretty funny.The special effects were good, I know it was out in 3-D but I saw the regular version and was still pleased with the visual effects.

 There's always that point in the summer, when it sort of winds down and the big titles we were looking forward to start to lose steam so these smaller, less popular gems come out.  This is one of them, it is going to be one of those films that are on TV later and when you change to the channel its on you'll watch it because its a fun, funny movie. My girlfriend summed it up perfectly when it was over she turned to me and said, "It was dumb and I liked it".  So, did I and I think people looking to kill a few hours might like this too for a matinee or looking to get out of the heat and have a few laughs.

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